Hawthorne fights growth boundary changes

Q13 FOX News: Parents say boundary changes could destroy academic gains

Sept. 19, 2013

The Seattle School District is talking about redrawing attendance boundaries for schools in November and parents at Hawthorne Elementary School said the move would destroy their children’s academic progress.

In the last few years the school has overcome low enrollment and poor test scores. If boundaries are changed, parents said it would mean a repeat of low enrollment, which would translate into less funding and community involvement.


When Karen Barrier purchased her home in south Seattle, she bought into her kids going to Hawthorne Elementary. But now Barrier is confused on where to send her kids to school next year with the talk of the district rezoning boundaries.

“We finally got settled, decided we liked where we are, and now we have to think about if we want them to go to a different school,” she said.

“It’s a complicated set of changes they are proposing,” Hawthorne Elementary PTA vice president Mary Murray said.

With the changes, Hawthorne Elementary could lose about 20 percent of its students. “It’s a large portion of our school and with those students,  go teachers who we care about,” Murray said.

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For more info on the growth boundaries proposal, visit: http://bit.ly.com/GrowthBoundaries.