FOH Budget Process

Every spring, the Budget Committee assembles a proposed budget for the following school year. The Committee provides an Online Request Form (or download and print one here)  to school staff, parents, and partners who have been funded by FOH in the past. 

Planning: If you are the leader of a program or activity that has been (or might in the future be) funded by FOH, please complete the above form and return it to the FOH mailbox and/or email it to

The budget committee will assemble the requests, estimate our available funds for next year, and bring this information to the April FOH Board Meeting for an "in the weeds" discussion. We anticipate leaving this meeting with clarification questions for relevant parties.

FOH is scheduled to formally vote on the budget at our General Meeting in May.

In December of each year budget requests for Emerging Needs are considered and voted on.

Read more details by downloading this Process for Requesting Funds from Friends of Hawthorne document.