Meeting Minutes - January 9, 2018

Friends of Hawthorne (FOH) Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2018
6:00-7:30 PM, Hawthorne Library
Notes: Maya Arias

Attendees: Brit Porter (co-president), Telle Zeiler (co-president), Marita Grunfeld (co-vice president), Maureen Merrill (treasurer), Maya Arias (Secretary), and others.

Brit began the meeting and welcomed all attendees.


Vote on Last Meeting’s Minutes:

Brit moved to vote on the last meeting’s minutes.

Sara seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.


Auction Update:

Proceeds from the Raise the Paddle portion of the 2018 Auction will benefit our STEAM programs. A speaker is needed from one of the current STEAM programs, Alladin Play, LEGO Robotics, Playground Redesign.


Ultimate Frisbee League:

Marita and Ms. Gillean spoke about a new Ultimate Frisbee League program for 3rd-5th graders they are going to establish and coach. Practice will be 1/week with a weekly game on Saturdays beginning 3/10 through mid -May. They are still working on a budget and transportation post practice and to and from games.



The benefits of campaign (Walk-A-thon, Give Big) payment software Paypal and Razoo were discussed. Liz presented that Razoo has more fees than PayPal. We use Little Green Light for our volunteer database. For the time being we will continue to use PayPal and Razoo; they both will be uploaded to our donor database.


Kindergarten Open House:

On 1/25 we have our Kindergarten open house. Brit expressed a need for FOH representatives. Marita and Maya volunteered.


Multi School and Black and Tan Hall Community Fundraising:

Brit presented and new fundraising opportunity. Three SPS schools, including Hawthorne, were invited to attend a family dance and Karoke party at the Hillman City Collaboratory on 1/26. The funds raised would go towards the Black and Tan Hall, Hawthorne Elementary, Orca K-8, and Graham Hill Elementary. Each school will have their own table for a craft and PTA materials. Maureen offered to bring Rise Up Buttons, Maya offered to make posters to promote the event, and Brit will bring some art supplies.


Third Place Books Fundraising:

Behnosh reached out to Third Place Books for a day of giving where a percentage of their proceeds will be donated to us either by check or discounts for future library or classroom book purchases. 


Nominating Committee:

Brit presented the nomination timeline. She requested all board members reach out to future recruits. Present said recruits at the March meeting. Vote on nominations at the April Meeting. Maureen offered to be Treasurer for the 2018-2019 school year.


Meeting Adjourned.