Nominate a PTA Board Leader

Friends of Hawthorne’s Nominations Committee is seeking nominations for the our PTA Board of Directors for the 2019-20 school year. To nominate someone you can:

Important dates for Friends of Hawthorne PTA Board of Directors Elections:

  • Nominations are due by Friday, March 15.

  • Nominations to be announced at our PTA meeting on Tuesday, March 19.

  • Deadline to become a PTA member (scholarships available) to vote for or be a candidate is Monday, April 8.*

  • Friends of Hawthorne PTA will hold its yearly elections on Tuesday, April 23.

About PTA positions

President: The president is the presiding officer and the official representative of the association. PTA handbook with detailed information on the President position.

Vice President: The vice president shall perform the duties of president in the absence or inability of that officer to serve, and shall assist the president when called upon. It is anticipated that the vice president will be the presumptive nominee for president the following year. PTA handbook with detailed information on the Vice-President position.

Secretary: The secretary shall take minutes and record all business transacted at each meeting (board and general membership) of the unit/council, and of the executive committee, making sure all minutes are complete. PTA handbook with detailed information on the Secretary position.

Treasurer: The treasurer is elected by the members to be the authorized custodian to manage the funds of the PTA on behalf of the membership and the board of directors. PTA handbook with detailed information on the Treasurer position.

Member at Large: The Member at Large has full voting rights, has an advisory role and may fill any committee leadership role voted upon by a majority of the Executive Board.

You can also email any of the current office holders for more information about their position:

Additional Information about nominations and elections

  • Nominations can also be made on the floor at the PTA General Meeting the day of the election, but only with the consent of the nominee.

  • To be elected to any of the FOH PTA officer positions, candidates must be a current member of the PTA at least 15 days prior to being elected.

  • Membership is $10 and financial assistance is available if needed. Any person is also welcome to sponsor other persons to be members of the PTA.

  • Any person voting in the PTA election must be a current member of the PTA (which requires $10 PTA dues).

Additional information on the election process and the officer positions can be found in the WSPTA Bylaws, the WSPTA Nominating Committe & Elections Handbook and in the FOH PTA Standing Rules

If you need an informational flyer to distribute in your community, please download the FOH PTA Nomination and Elections flyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Friends of Hawthorne (FOH)? 
Friends of Hawthorne (FOH)is a group of volunteers that include Hawthorne parents, other family members, teachers, staff, and community members whose sole purpose to help the students at Hawthorne Elementary School. FOH is an officially registered Parent Teacher Association, also called a PTA. We help our children by doing many things which can include recruiting and coordinating volunteers, organizing after-school education events, and much more. FOH is also a fundraising group that raises money for computers, playground equipment, audio / visual systems in our theater, student field trips, and teacher development and training.

Why does Hawthorne need a Parent Teacher Association (PTA)? 
The PTA facilitates the discussion about and organizes ways to promote quality education, expand the arts, encourage community involvement, and work for a healthy environment and safe neighborhoods. Last year, Friends of Hawthorne supported and/or organized a number of events and projects, such as Open Gym, Winter Festival, Book Fair, Cookie Dough, Math and Literacy Nights, multicultural events, the Masters of The Future Auction, P-patch volunteer days and maintenance, the new playground structure, and a major update of the school library collection.

Why do we vote for officers and have elections? 
Part of being an organization that raises money for our children, etc requires that we have accountability on our team. This requires leadership, as well as support roles. In order to have a leadership team it requires that we have a vote to determine what five officers will lead FOH. Additionally, once the officer election is over, the leadership team will be recruiting chair positions such as Volunteer Coordinators, Membership Chair, Fundraising Chair, Legislative Chair, Events Chair and Communications Chair. As we reach out to you about these elections please take a moment to think if you would be interested in participating in any way – or if you know anyone who would be interested in participating.

Who are we voting for? 
In April we will be voting for five officer positions at Hawthorne. These positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Members at Large.

To be elected to any of the FOH PTA officer positions, candidates must be a current member of the PTA, which requires $10 PTA dues 30 days prior to the election. If you need any financial assistance in joining the PTA – please be aware that it is available. Also, you can either sponsor, or be sponsored to join the PTA (meaning you can pay for another parent, teacher, administrator or community member).

What happens after I nominate someone? 
Once the Nomination Committee receives a nomination, the committee will ensure that they are a current PTA member. Also, they might ask for a meeting or for a resume to better understand the qualifications of the candidate for the position. After the deadline for nominations, the Nomination Committee will review all nominations and provide a Nominating Committee Report to the board of directors (Report must be given to all members 15 days prior to the general membership meeting at which elections will be held).

Can nominations be made on the floor of the General Meeting on election day? 
Yes, nominations can also be made on the floor of the General Meeting on election day. However, the nominee must have given/must give consent before or during the meeting so that members can proceed with voting.

Additional questions? Please email us at:

Previous Election Results

2015-2016 Officers

President - Molly Laster
Vice-Presidents - Perry Parsons and Suzy Large
Treasurer - Josie Clark
Secretary - Suzy Large

2014-15 Officers

The following uncontested slate of 2014-15 board nominees was elected by a unanimous vote of Friends of Hawthorne PTA members at the General Meeting on Wednesday, April 9, 2014: 

  • President: Mary Murray

  • Vice President: Molly Laster

  • Vicepresidente: Marcela Serritos Aguilar

  • Secretary: Karen Rosenberg

  • Treasurer: Iain Mourer

  • Assistant Treasurer: Ruben Rolon

  • Member at Large: Harold Churchill

  • Member at Large: Tim Lohraff

  • Member at Large, Communications: Lindsay Zaccara

More than enough parents stepped up to serve. Rather than have contested elections, we amended our standing rules to create additional board slots: including co-VP, assistant treasurer, and a third board member-at-large, each of whom will have a vote and site on the board's executive committee.