We are actively recruiting volunteers for our 8th Annual Auction, scheduled for March 10th, 2018, at the Mount Baker Community Center. It takes a village to host our biggest fundraiser of the school year. There are lots of ways you can help: 

Many hands make light work, folks. Any and all volunteers are welcome. Let us know how and when you can help and we'll find a job that's right for you!

Email Hawthorne parent and Auction Chair Josie Clark at at auction@friendsofhawthorne.org to join our ever-growing cadre of volunteers.

It takes a village ... and and half ... and one heck of an Auction Chair!

Hats off to our tireless, dedicated mover of mountains, Auction Chair Derek Butcher, for the countless emails, phone calls, Is dotted and Ts crossed that made our 2015 Faces of Hawthorne Auction such a fantastic success. Email him your words of thanks and amazement at auction@friendsofhawthorne.org.

 Derek Butcher 2015 Auction Chair

Derek Butcher 2015 Auction Chair

Other awesome members of our 2015 Faces of Hawthorne "Village":

  • Auction Committee Leads: Graham Ayers, Rachael Caravalho, Josie Clark, Eileen Gray, Liz Murtaugh Gillespie, Sean Spooner
  • Procurement Team: Nelia Flores, LaQuita Hester, Katie Davis, David Sorenson, Darlene Ndirangu
  • Data Entry Team: Maureen Merrill, Anne Farrell-Sheffer, Syd Carter
  • Decorations: Laura Beckstrom
  • Night-of Volunteers: Tami Gianacos, Tan Le, Carole Lynch, Katie Kribbs, Stephanie Rutledge, Jennie Manzo, Debbie Cavitt, Tina Leighton, Nina Bowman, Oveta Hunter and many other teachers and staff  ...
  • Many other helpers, including: Pete Intravatolo, Kristin Mehus-Roe, Andrew Roe, Claudette Glubka, Katie Seawell, Mary Murray, Wiley Frank, Poncharee Kounpungchart, Jen Ayers, Suzy Large, Molly Laster, Perry Parsons, Fatima Sulayman, dessert makers and more ...